How to List All Users in Terraform Cloud

Terraform has a rich API. However, the API documentation does not mention how to list all users. We can leverage the organization membership API and the PowerShell command Invoke-RestMethod to get a user list.

1. Create an organization token in Terraform Cloud.

2. Create the token variable ($Token) in PowerShell.

$Token = "abcde"

3. Create the API parameters variable in PowerShell.

$params = @{
Uri = "" 
Authentication = "Bearer"
Token = $Token
ContentType = "application/vnd.api+json"

Note: You need to replace ZHENGWU with your own organization name. And I used 100 at the end of the URI to retrieve the first 100 users. It can be any number. 

4. Retrieve the API return and list the user's email address.

$Test = Invoke-RestMethod @params

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