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Hackintosh on x86 platform - Part I Hardware

"Hackintosh is a computer that runs Apple's Macintosh operating system macOS on computer hardware not authorized for the purpose by Apple." Wiki All credits belong to the OpenCore official guide . I cannot complete without the super detailed guide. :-) Hardware is the first step for Hackintosh. You need compatible computer parts that macOS can support. I have successfully build my Hackintosh system on a desktop PC and a laptop. Please refer to the OpenCore official guide to buy your computer parts. I will only share my experience in this article. CPU First of all, I recommend Intel CPU. According to the guide. It appears a bit hard and extra steps if you use AMD CPU. Memory M emory is more flexible. I have tried from high-end Samsung DIMMs to some super cheap DIMMs (32GB per DIMM). I didn't see any issue. Hard Disk Hard disk is also flexible. You can use SATA to NVMe. However, I would recommend SATA SSD or NVMe SSD. It's much faster. My macOS loading speed is

This operation is restricted by the administrator - 'vpxd.stats.maxQueryMetrics'

You may see vpxd.stats.maxQueryMetrics relevant error when retrieving performance data of ESXi hosts, virtual machines, or other entities on vCenter Server by PowerCLI. The full error message: This operation is restricted by the administrator - 'vpxd.stats.maxQueryMetrics'. Contact your system administrator VMware published a KB about how to fix that. Please notice that the mentioned vCenter advanced parameter config.vpxd.stats.maxQueryMetrics is case-sensitive . 202203 Update: The parameter is removed in vCenter Advanced Settings after upgrading to vCenter Server 7.x . You have to reconfigure it.