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How to Copy Azure Images to Other Subscriptions or Regions

The Azure image was introduced in 2014 by Microsoft. It's a more comprehensive image for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. Azure is a highly available cloud. Solution design needs to always take failover and tolerance into account. Therefore, copy Azure images to other subscriptions or regions is something we need to consider. There are three methods to copy Azure images to other subscriptions or regions: Option 1 Firstly, the easiest way to achieve that is to use the Image Gallery . It's introduced in the middle of 2019. As Microsoft states: " Shared Image Gallery provides a simple way to share your applications with others in your organization, within or across Azure Active Directory (AD) tenants and regions. This enables you to expedite regional expansion or DevOps processes and simplify your cross-region HA/DR setup. " The high-level procedure is to create a new Image Gallery, create image definition and version, and then add replica regions in the version. If yo