How to reset Azure Migrate Appliance

Azure Migrate appliance is a simple tool to move VMware virtual machines to Azure. But it has limitation to migrate VMs on multiple vCenter servers. In other words, you have to deploy multiple appliances to support multi-vCenter. This is a time-consuming task. In fact, there is a way to reset the Azure Migrate Appliance.

There is a file appliance.json in Azure Migrate appliance. It stores the key information of the Azure Migrate project. The credentials, vCenter server, and key vault information are all stored in the file. Also the registration status.

The file is located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Azure\Config\. It's a JSON file. The variable IsApplianceRegistered indicates if the appliance registered or not.

Change the value from True to False will reset Azure Migrate appliance status. Of course, you still need to reboot the appliance.

This reset is no impact to stored credential and vCenter server data.

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