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Bitbucket Server Integration With Visual Studio Code on Windows

There is an official Bitbucket extension for Visual Studio Code if you use Bitbucket Cloud. Bitbucket has not yet released official extension for Bitbucket Server users. Following is how to configure Visual Studio Code to use Bitbucket Server. Before the procedure you need to collect the following information: Your user name on Bitbucket Server. Your email on Bitbucket Server. Decide the local path to store code. (It's c:tempgit in this guide) Your account has permission to modify repositories on Bitbucket Server. Assume project name is " ExampleProject " on Bitbucket Server. Assume repository name in the project is " ExampleRepository ". Get the URL of the target repository. (It's in this guide) Make sure you have the latest Visual Studio Code installed. Time needed:  30 minutes. Download and install Git. Download windows installer in Github. Installation is simple. Only thing is to