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Emulex OneConnect OCe10102 on ESXi 6.0

Please refer to following post for basic troubleshooting of Emulex OneConnect. How to Install Proper Drivers for 3rd Party Network Adapter on ESXi 5.x I have a box uses Emulex OneConnect OCe10102 network adapters. The adapter is quite old and Emulex brand card doesn't support ESXi 6.0. I upgraded the server to ESXi 6.0 and the Emulex adapters lost. In the initial troubleshooting, I noticed that the adapters are still visible in BIOS. So it should be some driver level issues. I checked VMware Compatibility Guide . The model OCe10102 doesn't support by ESXi 6.0. If you run the following command you will still be able to see the adapters in PCI list on ESXi. [code language="perl"] esxcli hardware pci list [/code] So it indicates the adapters are not visible in ESXi since the newer Emulex driver doesn't contain the model of the adapter in ESXi 6.0 native driver. Then I uninstalled the native Emulex driver for ESXi 6.0 by the following command and rebooted the ESXi ho