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"The Update is Not Applicable to Your Computer" When Install KB3046101

  HPE 3PAR upgrading team usually sends a per-requisites before upgrading. One thing in the guide incorrect is the Windows 2012 required patch KB3046101 .     You may see error below when you install the path on Windows 2012 server.     The update is not applicable to your computer       The reason is the version of mpio.sys and msdsm.sys on your server is higher than 6.3.9600.17809 . Usually, because the server installed KB3121261 already. You can ignore KB3046101 .

Vlan 'xxx' resolved to unsupported VLAN ID in Cisco UCS Manager

You may need only 1 IP address for blade console in Cisco UCS Manager. You can follow Understanding “Management IP” of Cisco UCS Manager to configure it. You may see warning " Vlan 'xxx' resolved to unsupported VLAN ID " when you delete existing inbound and outbound IP pools if you are trying to clean up existing management IP pools. That's because inbound IP address for blade is not cleaned. You have to go to " Equipment " -> " Chassis " -> Target chassis -> " Servers " -> Target server -> Go to " Inventory " tab -> " CIMC " tab -> Click " Change Inbound Management IP " -> Remove existing VLAN and IP pool. You will see inband IP tab is blank once it's saved. Please note, the IP address reassign back after 1 minute if you clicked " Delete Inband Configuration " instead of " Change Inbound Managemnt IP ".

Highlight Scripts in Microsoft OneNote 2016

I usually document my scripts in OneNote. It would be perfect if OneNote 2016 can highlight scripts. I found a nice plugin call " NoteHighlight2016 " for OneNote 2016. It's not only for 32 bit but also for 64 bit. You can download it in Github . The default codes are C#, SQL, CSS, JS, HTML, XML, JAVA, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, and CPP. But you can change the settings to show more or less in riboon.xml in the installation folder.