Show CDP Neighbor of Cisco UCS Uplinks

There are two ways to know which network switch ports the network uplinks of Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects are connected to.


  • SSH to the Cisco UCS Manager.

  • Connect to FI-A.

# connect nxos a

  • Show neighbor of network uplinks.

# show cdp neighbor interface ethernet <port num>

By PowerShell

  • Make sure Cisco PowerTool (For UCS Manager) is installed.

  • Enabling the Information Policy via UCSM GUI.

    • Go to "Equipment" -> "Policies" tab -> "Global Policies" tab -> "Info Policy" area.

    • Change to "Enabled". (No impact to running blades)

  • Open a PowerShell window.

  • Connect to the UCS Manager.

# Connect-Ucs <UCS FQDN>

  • Show CDP neighbor details.

# Get-UcsNetworkLanNeighborEntry

Side notes

Following command can shows network switch name, network switch ports and FI ports
# Get-UcsNetworkLanNeighborEntry | Select deviceid,remoteinterface,localinterface

If you prefer to enable the "Info Policy" by PowerShell, run following command
# Get-UcsTopInfoPolicy | Set-UcsTopInfoPolicy -State enabled -Force

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