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Deploye vCenter Server Virtual Appliance on VMware Workstation

There are a lot of articles introduce how to deploy vCenter Server virtual appliance on VMware Workstation. I tried but somehow it's failed. Following are some notes for your reference if you want to deploy vCenter Server virtual appliance on VMware Workstation real quick. I assume you don't have DNS or domain servers. Native DHCP services of VMware Workstation is used. You just want to use vCenter Server for some quick testings purpose, and " host-only " NIC you want to select. vCenter Server installer validates FQDN when it's first boot up. The process fails if FQDN doesn't work. So please make sure " Host Network Identity " is IP address of the VM when you set the OVA options. The VM is immediately booted up after importing the OVA file. But VM NIC is " disconnected " status sometimes. You have to enable the NIC in VM properties real quick. You have to wait for about 15 - 20 minutes after first boot. Console screen doesn't show