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VMware Remote Console Freeze or Black Screen

The latest version of VMware Remote Console is 10.0.2. There should be some functions changing in the release. You may see following symptoms after upgrading to the version. The virtual machine console screen is black. Console screen works properly if you just hit buttons on VMware Remote Console window. The console screen freeze once VMware Remote Console grabs mouse or keyboard in screen. The cause is your  anti-virus software blocked the internal functions of grab mouse/keyboard behavior of VMware Remote Console. Try disable anti-virus temporarily.

How To Migrate Parent Disk on Hyper-V 2012

If you are using Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 and "Differencing Disk" you may get trouble when you want to move whole VMs to another location due to "Parent Disk" migration is not so easy. Following is the steps to move parent disk on Hyper-V server. Preparation I assume you want to move bunch of virtual machines. First of all you need to get disk list of virtual machines. Following is a script to grab all parent and differencing disks on a Hyper-V server. $VMs = Get-VM  Foreach ($VM in $VMs) {   $VHDs = Get-VHD -Path $VM.harddrives.path   foreach ($VHD in $VHDs)   {      [pscustomobject]@{          Name = $          VHDType = $VHD.VhdType          VHD = $VHD.Path          ParentVHD = $VHD.ParentPath      }   } } Save it to "Get-vhdParent.ps1". Launch PowerShell by administrator right. Run following command to get parent disk table. .Get-vhdParent.ps1 | format-table -autosize Now you have disk list in hand. Move parent disks to new location Parent disk mo