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VMware Remote Console Freeze or Black Screen

The latest version of VMware Remote Console is 10.0.2. There should be some functions changing in the release. You may see following symptoms after upgrading to the version. The virtual machine console screen is black. Console screen works properly if you just hit buttons on VMware Remote Console window. The console screen freeze once VMware Remote Console grabs mouse or keyboard in screen. The cause is your  anti-virus software blocked the internal functions of grab mouse/keyboard behavior of VMware Remote Console. Try disable anti-virus temporarily.

How To Migrate Parent Disk on Hyper-V 2012

If you are using Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 and "Differencing Disk" you may get trouble when you want to move whole VMs to another location due to "Parent Disk" migration is not so easy. Following is the steps to move parent disk on Hyper-V server. Preparation I assume you want to move bunch of virtual machines. First of all you need to get disk list of virtual machines. Following is a script to grab all parent and differencing disks on a Hyper-V server. $VMs = Get-VM  Foreach ($VM in $VMs) {   $VHDs = Get-VHD -Path $VM.harddrives.path   foreach ($VHD in $VHDs)   {      [pscustomobject]@{          Name = $          VHDType = $VHD.VhdType          VHD = $VHD.Path          ParentVHD = $VHD.ParentPath      }   } } Save it to "Get-vhdParent.ps1". Launch PowerShell by administrator right. Run following command to get parent disk table. .Get-vhdParent.ps1 | format-table -autosize Now you have disk list in hand. Move parent disks to new location Parent disk mo

Cannot Complete File Creation Operation When Storage vMotion

Just quick notes. I saw following error  when do storage vMotion. Cannot Complete File Creation Operation. When check /var/log/hostd.log. I saw following errors: 2017-11-28T02:51:04.476Z info hostd[76A80B70] [Originator@6876 sub=Vimsvc.TaskManager opID=459515D4-000040D6-2d-cf-d4-7817 user=vpxuser:contosotestuser] Task Created : 2017-11-28T02:51:04.476Z info hostd[772C2B70] [Originator@6876 sub=Libs opID=459515D4-000040D6-2d-cf-d4-7817 user=vpxuser:contosotestuser] CopyFromEntry: Hostlog_Dump: Hostlog /vmfs/volumes/598700ee-ec 2017-11-28T02:51:04.476Z info hostd[772C2B70] [Originator@6876 sub=Libs opID=459515D4-000040D6-2d-cf-d4-7817 user=vpxuser:contosotestuser] UUID: 28dbb1b5-a9d8-e311-1061-03300000002d 2017-11-28T02:51:04.476Z info hostd[772C2B70] [Originator@6876 sub=Libs opID=459515D4-000040D6-2d-cf-d4-7817 user=vpxuser:contosotestuser] MigID: 1511837464286041 2017-11-28T02:51:04.476Z info hostd[772C2B70] [Originator@6876 sub=Libs opID=459515D4-000

Virtual Machine Cloning Is Failed At 33%

I got two exactly same hardware, installed same ESXi version. Somehow cloning from  other ESXi to one server was working, but another one always failed at 33%. It only impacts to existing VM cloning but not impact to new created virtual  machines. I spent lot time on the troubleshooting. We replaced cables, switch ports, reinstalled ESXi. There was no  abnormal logs except following: 2017-11-15T05:47:36.023Z [FFF001A0 verbose 'NfcManager' opID=F39DF7E6-00002211-da-c-bf] [NfcClient] Closing NFC connection to server 2017-11-15T05:47:36.023Z [FFF001A0 warning 'Libs' opID=F39DF7E6-00002211-da-c-bf] SSL: Unknown SSL Error 2017-11-15T05:47:36.023Z [FFF001A0 info 'Libs' opID=F39DF7E6-00002211-da-c-bf] SSL Error: error:1409E10F:SSL routines:SSL3_WRITE_BYTES:bad length VMware support eventually provided me following KB to workaround the problem. Looks like it's a bug on ESXi 5.5 2068190. Disabling SSL for NFC data traffic in vCenter Server Cloning or deploying from a

How To Get Used Space By PowerShell

I searched internet but hard to find an easy way to get used space on Windows Server. Following is two lines PowerShell command to get used space on  Windows 2012 R2 Server. Get-WmiObject win32_logicaldisk | select deviceid,@{n="Size";e={[math]::Round(($_.size/1GB),2)}},@{n="Used Space";e={[math]::Round((($_.Size-$_.FreeSpace)/1GB),2)}}


早上Vinny醒来后不知怎么了大哭着要妈妈,不让奶奶和我接近他。看到他满脸是泪和鼻涕,拿了张纸去给他擦,结果这小子又踢又蹬十分剧烈的反抗。当时没忍住一下盛怒,大声地训斥Vinny并让他闭嘴不准哭。小家伙一下子很害怕的忍住不哭,但是表情又很憋屈的样子,能看得出来他心里一定十分的愤怒、伤心、害怕。忽然意识到如果我这样用威严和大声的训斥他来压制他,可能会导致他的个性变得非常容易屈从于权威。如果以后老师也这么对待他,他可能都不敢回来给家长投诉。 赶紧跑出去叫他奶奶进来安慰他,心里一下又紧张着急的不行,因为确实把他吓得不轻。不停的抽涕,但又不敢哭。以后真不应该这样了,作为父亲,我希望我和他的关系更亲近,而不是疏离。要不停的告诉自己要有耐心...今天是我做的不对,我并没有告诉他为什么我那么生气,而只是训斥他。以后要多一些耐心,对其他人也一样。

Offline Installer of IT Pro Tools

Following are offline or portable executives of some IT tools. I'll continue update the list whenever I find a new one. Google Chrome offline installer Flash Player offline installer for Chrome Flash Player offline install for FireFox Flash Player offline update for IE 11 on Windows 10 (Fix IE crash problem when login to vSphere Web Client)

Could Not Complete Network Copy For File During VM Cloning

This error may only appears on legacy ESXi hosts. The cloning of virtual machine throws error at 33% of the task. Clone virtual machine Could not complete network copy for file /vmfs/volumes/5xxxxxxe-4fb01111-3911-0ccxxxxxac38/TEST/TEST.vmdk Copying Virtual Machine files You may see following logs on vpxa.log of source ESXi host. 2017-11-02T02:51:20.238Z [FFF43B70 info 'Libs' opID=812BF517-00000667-f0-34-64] SSL: syscall error 32: Broken pipe 2017-11-02T02:51:20.238Z [FFF43B70 warning 'Libs' opID=812BF517-00000667-f0-34-64] [NFC ERROR] NfcNetTcpWrite: bWritten: -1 2017-11-02T02:51:20.238Z [FFF43B70 warning 'Libs' opID=812BF517-00000667-f0-34-64] [NFC ERROR] NfcFile_SendMessage: data send failed: 2017-11-02T02:51:20.238Z [FFF43B70 warning 'Libs' opID=812BF517-00000667-f0-34-64] [NFC ERROR] NFC_NETWORK_ERROR 2017-11-02T02:51:20.239Z [FFF43B70 error 'NfcManager' opID=812BF517-00000667-f0-34-64] [NfcClient] File transfer [/vmfs/volumes/5xxxxxxe-4fb0

Disable PXE Boot for Individual vNIC on Virtual Machine

To achieve Auto Deploy I'd like to control PXE boot process. I want the vNICs of management network can do PXE boot only. That's because DHCP server may learns incorrect MAC address of management network if ESXi host boots up by non-management network NICs. The psychical servers are easy to disable PXE boot feature of individual network adapters in BIOS or server profile. Virtual machines is tricky. Following is how to do it. It's useful for home lab. Make sure your ESXi VM uses E1000E vNIC. You can only disable PXE boot for all vNICs in one time if type is vmxnet3. And nested ESXi doesn't support E1000 vNICs. Go to the VM folder and edit vmx file. You should see similar entries below. The vNIC name starts from  ethernet0 to ethernetn . It matches vmnic0 to vmnicx on ESXi. ethernet1 .virtualDev = "e1000e" I have 4 vNICs. I want to keep PXE boot for ethernet0 and ethernet1 . So I only disable it on rest of vNICs. Add following lines to vmx file. ethe

How To Find Non-tagged ESXi Hosts

There are plenty of scripts to find tagged ESXi hosts. But what if you want to find out all ESXi hosts not be tagged? Following is a simple script: Compare-Object (( Get-VMHost | Get-TagAssignment ).Entity | select -uniq ) ( Get-VMHost ) The output is similar like following: InputObject SideIndicator ----------- ------------- esx1 =>   esx2 =>   esx3 => The => indicates ESXi hosts in InputObject are not tagged. If return is nothing, it means all ESXi hosts are tagged. Please refer to " Using the Compare-Object Cmdlet " for detail.

Unable to Upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2

I searched internet but there is no more information about this specific error message. When you upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016. You may see following error message: Windows won't install unless each of these things is taken care of. Close Windows Setup, take care of each one, and then restart Windows Setup to continue. Upgrades to this build have been disabled. The reason is there is a hidden parameter in the image disabled uprading. You can only re-install by the image but cannot do upgrading. You have to ask vendor provide you a right copy, or buy Microsoft official image to do upgrading. I cannot publish the parameter due to legal reason. Most of hardware vendors sale Windows copy along with new hardware. This kind of Windows calls OEM version. There are several different versions of Windows: OEM SLP - This key comes pre-installed in Windows, when it comes from the Factory. This key is geared to work with the OEM Bios Flag found only on that Manufacturer's compu

Network Problems of Auto Deployed ESXi Host in LAB

I built a simple Auto Deploy environment by vSphere 6.5 on nested environment. I created virtual ESXi hosts on a physical ESXi host to do the testing. The whole configuration was smoothly, I'm impressed Auto Deploy can be implemented in few hours. One thing bothered me was networking. New ESXi hosts cannot get IP addresses properly somehow. It's not a single problem. The symptoms are ESXi hosts cannot get IP address, or the Configure Management Network was grayed out on console, or ESXi hosts can get IP address but no responding to ping. Just quick post my solutions here. To fix all these problems you need to do following: Enable Promiscuous Mode on the vSwtich which is attached to nested ESXi hosts on physical ESXi hosts. (I did that on Web Client of vCenter 6.5 U1. You may see different procedure on earlier versions.) Edit the host profile of  Auto Deploy — Networking configuration — Host port group — Highlight Management Network — The option Determine how MAC a

Unable Remove NetApp Folders After Uninstall VSC for VMware

You may not able to remove NetApp folders after uninstall NetApp Virtual Storage Console for VMware. The reason is customized fonts are still loaded by Windows. You need to delete all fonts values mapped to NetApp VSC folder in Windows register HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionFonts .

Maximum Supported Boot Devices in Virtual Machine BIOS

Noticed a interesting limitation on VMware virtual machines. If you configure multiple SCSI controllers and distribute more than  8 virtual  disks. You may experience randomly OS boot up failure when power cycle VMs. Only last 8 disks with higher SCSI ID present in boot order settings of BIOS. You cannot choose the disks with lower SCSI ID. You need to following up VMware KB " Changing the boot order of a virtual machine using vmx options (2011654) " to force virtual machines boot up on proper SCSI node.

Automatic vSphere Capacity Report in PPT

Reporting is important to management. To be a IT Pro, you may need to run regular reports for management. Some reports may be generated time consume. vRealize Operations Manager is an alternative to create customized reports. It's a powerful product to organize data and create PDF or CSV files on scheduled intervals. I recommend have a look if you have planned to implement performance, capacity and alarm system for virtual environment. What if budget is constrained? Is there a way to create such kind of reports? The answer is "Yes". I worked out an automatic workflow to create the reports. I will not provide step-by-step guide in this post since it's advanced integration of multiple products, everyone may have different way to do that. You can even create everything by script if you have strong programming skill. I'm not, I only look for the easiest way to achieve the goal. Here is a scenario for  example: I want to run a monthly report for vSphere CPU and memory

Cannot Launch Patch Installer on Windows Server 2016

I was trying to update one Windows Server 2016 by standalone patch file. Somehow nothing happened after I double click the installer file. That's because Windows Server 2016 prevent execute the  file due to it's download from internet. The quick fix is right click the file - Properties - Check Unblock - Click OK button. Further more. The file has ADS (alternate data streams) attached. The ADS marked the file as download from internet . You can run following two PowerShell commands to figure out object and value of the ADS. PS C:> Get-Item test file.msu -Stream * PSPath : Microsoft.PowerShell.CoreFileSystem::C:Userswzheng110917aDow $DATA PSParentPath : Microsoft.PowerShell.CoreFileSystem::C:Userswzheng110917aDow PSChildName : 20171011_KB4038801_Updates.msu::$DATA PSDrive : C PSProvider : Microsoft.PowerShell.CoreFileSystem PSIsContainer : False FileName : C:Userswzheng110917aDownloads20171011_KB4038801_Updates.msu Stream : :$DATA Length : 1241376269 PSPath : Microsoft.Powe


今天是国庆假期的最后一天,真是个神奇的假期,我经历了那么多内心活动。刚开始放假,由于一些神奇的原因导致我的思绪被一直打扰,甚至要求和朋友一起喝酒。过去的日子历历在目,而只有我一个人知道。我不知道应该怎么做才对,也许就这么拖着吧,自己就把自己心里的恶魔杀死了。 拍了全家福和家人们一起吃了顿中秋饭。这次的化妆水平我还是比较满意的,老婆的打扮也非常适合她的新发型——短发。我们一起拍了自拍,看着就像是即将上台的两位男女主持人一样。花了三个多小时,引逗师使出浑身解数让嘉乐也配合的很好。最后选片子的日子选在了十月二十一日。希望这次的全家福不会像上次一样失真了。上次是团购的100多块的全家福,拍出来整个家庭都迷失了,不过想想人家也就赚了一百多块,5个人,还想怎样?这次可花了3000块,还是在芳妮豆丁拍的,我们在这里已经拍了结婚照、孕妇照、满月照等。 和老婆孩子一起休闲的逛了一天。本来是要去秦岭野生动物园的,假日里车太多,快到门口了实在没法进去,怕堵在里头进退两难,就没凑那热闹,调头去了咸阳新开的王府井outlet,然后去了附近的渭滨公园,里头有个小型动物园,虽然很小,但是也让小家伙很兴奋,很高兴。他还亲自给马啊、羊啊、猪啊的喂了红萝卜和大白菜,还看了大老虎。我想这会给他未来做一个有爱心的人打下心灵的基础吧。回家时天都黑了,我们还是第一次如此放松的随便在路上找了个饭店就进去了,一家卖旗花面的,还挺好吃,嘉乐吃了两碗,他还第一次看到了牛蛙。 和兄弟们一起喝了场酒。聊了政治八卦、各自的近况、公益和爱心。一场充满正能量、爱心、感情交流的酒。“董局”越来越有政府基层干部的派头了,严谨 ,少语。我告诉他我是多么佩服他在孩子出现问题的时候依旧能保持乐观,他跟我们讲了公益和献爱心,深为感动。这场酒里让我最惊讶的是“小李子”的变化,我们一致认为感情是我们之间最强的纽带,可是不知道为什么,他的一番表述后,我感觉到了很浓的商业气息,也许他急需物质上的满足吧。“刘站长”依旧沉默,但是看得出比以前要自信一些了,也在寻找着下一个老婆,我倒觉得他更适合一个人单着,至少自由。“高总”不再信蓝道长的话了,依旧在烦恼孩子的归属问题,这次聊天也让我知道了他的经济压力比较大,我依旧在内疚当初没有借给他更多的钱帮他度过难关。 最后一天,和老婆的朋友们在家里搞了个聚会,不是很完美的聚会。下次希望我们可以做的更好,更洋气一些


科技的发展真是非常快,十年前我还在用Windows Server 2003 和 Windows XP。十年后的今天,我们已经初尝到人工智能的味道。有那么多的Apps、网站、技术帮助我们更快速的学习新知识,人们的生活节奏越来越快,甚至学习这个人类的基本技能也在传统方式上增加了“碎片时间”方式(一个被“逻辑思维”所倡导的,2017年很流行的学习新方式)。 各种高科技的今天,我们可以用智能手机记录生活中的点点滴滴,甚至影像资料。但是“思想”,这个人类智力的核心却是无法记录的,唯文字可以反映作者当时的状态、情绪和记忆。在快节奏的城市生活中,我们有时候是需要慢下来、停下来的。回头看看自己的过去,读读当时的思想,回忆回忆曾经的记忆。很久前网络上开始流行一句话,大意是“别走得太快,等一等灵魂”(可能是假的名人名言)。我想也许文字可以做到这点。 这个国庆假期,利用空闲时间在网络上搜索搭建SS服务器的资料,无意间看到 逗比根据地 上的一篇文章介绍一个给互联网上所有网站做历史快照的网站,就随手搜了搜我的过去,竟然无意间发现了自己十几年前写的博客。这些文章早已被我遗留在互联网的某个角落,忘记了。看起来那应该是我从MSN Live空间搬过去的,还依稀记得2000年那会儿博客非常火爆,互联网企业都在推各自的免费博客服务,微软也不例外,但是后来好像因为这种服务不赚钱,以及监管原因,大量的博客服务开始关停,微软也不例外。幸好我当时把文章都转移了,今天才有机会帮我回忆起当时的状态。 非常高兴我可以重读当年的心力路程,让我再次如身临其境般的回到那个时代、回到那个状态。我会尝试花一些时间记录生活,给我的未来留下些参考。

Memory Errors on Modern Servers

I used to see memory degrading on  Cisco  UCS blades. But less see on HPE blades. I thought it maybe quality control problem of Cisco manufacture. Today I read two articles in Cisco website, it explains why we see memory degrading and how it works. I attached the articles below. Managing Correctable Memory Errors on Cisco UCS Servers UCS Enhanced Memory Error Management The conduction in the whitepaper is not only specific for Cisco UCS, but also for any modern servers. Following is summary of why memory errors rates is going high nowadays. Larger memory systems contain more bits Higher capacity DRAM chips require smaller bit cells which result in fewer stored charges per bit Lower operating voltages can lead to reduced noise margin Higher operating speeds can lead to reduced timing margin

Oracle Utilizes 50% of Physical Processors on HPE Server

DBA team told me Oracle was running slow on a HPE server. I observed the CPU utilization was about 50% of overall capacity. Whenever Oracle database bumps up the system experienced slowness. Further  digged into the issue, I see Oracle workload only ran on single physical processor, but the server has two processors. And the  Windows 2012 R2 resource manager show the system used Processor Group , the two physical processors were grouped out. This technology is described in Microsoft MSDN article . To fix the issue you have to change value of " NUMA Group Size Optimization " to " Flat " in BIOS. Please refer to HPE article for detail  steps. Detail of HPE server behavior  is documented here . Please note, the article says it impacts to ProLiant Gen9 and Intel E5-26xx v3 processors. But it actually also impacts to Intel E5-26xx v4 and Synergy blades.

搜索虚拟主机时提示:Login To The Query Service Failed

使用vSphere Client登录vCenter Server 6.0时可能会出现如下报错信息: Login to the query service failed. The server could not interpret the communication from the client. (The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.) 这是因为在登录vSphere Client时勾选了”Use Windows session credentials“。试试取消它。 相关知识库链接: Searching the Inventory with the vSphere Client fails (2143566)

Login To The Query Service Failed When Search Virtual Machine

You may see following problem if you login vCenter  Server 6.0 by vSphere Client: Login to the query service failed. The server could not interpret the communication from the client. (The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.) That's because "Use Windows session credentials" checkbox is selected. Deselect it and give it a try. Refer KB Searching the Inventory with the vSphere Client fails (2143566)

Virtual Machine Cannot Get DHCP IP Address

Just a quick post. When virtual machine cannot get DHCP IP address the first thing you want to check is firewall. Whatever Windows firewall or physical firewall. You should make sure UDP port 67 and 68 are not blocked. Otherwise you  will see the virtual machine gets 169.x.x.x IP address only. The two  ports is required for DHCP client to query IP addresses. The methodology is introduced in RFC document . DHCP uses UDP as its transport protocol. DHCP messages from a client to a server are sent to the 'DHCP server' port (67), and DHCP messages from a server to a client are sent to the 'DHCP client' port (68). A server with multiple network address (e.g., a multi-homed host) MAY use any of its network addresses in outgoing DHCP messages. I also got some ideas in this post .

Adobe Flash Player Out of Date on vSphere Web Client

You may see 'Adobe Flash Player Out of Date' on Chrome when you open vSphere Web Client. Click the text Chrome will update Flash Player automatically. But in some cases it doesn't work due to maybe your Chrome is controlled by company policy or internet problem to I found an article to show how to offline fix the issue. You can download Flash Player for Opera and Chromium-based browsers - PPAPI in official Adobe KB article . You may also want to check out my other articles about Flash issue on browsers. Flash menu appears when right click on vSphere Web Client in Chrome Cannot open vSphere Web Client on IE11 on Windows 8.1

Network Latency on Virtual Machine

Slight network latency may cause application problem  on sensitive virtual machines. Even the network responding time is just 3 or 7 ms. There is a way to improve the  stability of responding latency - Enable RSS on NIC. Network traffic is handled by single CPU core when RSS is disabled. Enable it will distribute the workload to 4 cores by default. You can increase CPU for RSS by change registry. To summarize the solution. Go to Device Manager -> NIC properties -> Advance -> Find RSS option  and enable it. You will see 2 - 3 network drops when applying it. You can refer following articles for detail. Poor network performance or high network latency on Windows virtual machines Virtual Receive-side Scaling in Windows Server 2012 R2 Regarding increase CPU for RSS. Read following article to learn how to modify it. Setting the Number of RSS Processors

vRealize Operation Manager Installation Pending on

If your company implemented firewall and blocked public NTP server, you may see installation of vRealize Operation Manager pending on ./ on console. That's because the installer tries to negotiate with NTP server . The firewall blocked the traffic. VMware TAM Manager Shan told me  there are two options on firewall to block traffic: REJECT and DROP. REJECT means firewall responding to the request and let source device knows it's rejected. DROP means firewall immediately ignores the request and no responding to source device. Looks like there is a bug in vROPs code that it hung if NTP request gets drop and no responding. The workaround is create a port group without physical uplinks and install vRealize Operation  Manager. Then move it to proper network after installation  is completed. You can configure correct IP addresses when import the OVF file so later on you just need simply move the network.

ESXi 6.0 and 6.5 hosts no responding issue!

The smartd service  can leads to ESXi 6.0 or 6.5 hosts no responding due to out of memory. I see that issue on ESXi 6.0 U2 and U3 both. I would recommend stay on  ESXi 5.5 U3 at this moment. We do see the issue persist even after stop smartd service. Check out VMware official KB .

Flash menu appears when right click on vSphere Web Client in Chrome

There is a KB describes how to fix right click issue in IE on vSphere Web Client . But my problem was in Chrome. I searched a lot in internet but no lucky till today. The problem was flash menu appears when I right click anything in vSphere Web Client in Chrome. I have two computers that both has Chrome installed but one has issue, other one works fine. I compared version of Chrome, noticed working one was 55.x, problematic one was 49.x. The issue gone after upgraded to 57.x. After dig into that problem, looks like Google fixed the problem on version 54.0.2840 that there was a bug related to right click. Check out release notes here .  

My New Toy Raspberry Pi 3

I own Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 both. I used to do some small projects and learn Python on its. It's great computer to learn scripting and Linux. But not something can be used in daily based. I was excited when I hear Raspberry Pi foundation released Pi 3. Thanks foundation brought our world a powerful, cheap and flexible computer that can replace my laptop. In general, I think Pi 3 can be used for daily work in GUI interface. It comes with embedded WiFi, Bluetooth and quad-core 1.2GHz CPU! It frees up the 4 USB ports so I can use it for other purpose. I have a laptop that motherboard was dead, screen still works. So I bought driver board for the LED screen. Connected Pi 3 to the driver board by HDMI cable. The official Pi 2 case is compatible with Pi 3 except power LED in the other side. I use the latest OS " RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL ". I have to say the graphical interface is awesome! It's more like a modern, real computer. I use default browser Chromium which is simil

vSphere Data Protection将停止更新

VDP在未来的vSphere版本中将不再继续更新。在2022年以前对于现有的VDP客户没有影响。如果客户想迁移到其他备份方案,VMware提供限定时间内的免费迁移至Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition的促销。客户依旧可以通过vCenter的存储API把第三方备份解决方案和vCenter整合。 详细资料请参阅 问答 文件。另外VMware 产品生命周期矩阵 供你参考。

vSphere Data Protection End of Availability

Just a quick update that VDP will discontinued in future release of vSphere. It doesn`t impact to existing customers till 2022. VMware offers free migration to Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition in limited time if customers want to move to other backup solution. Customers can also use other 3rd party backup solutions to integrate with vCenter Server via storage API. Read this FAQ for detail. VMware products lifecycle matrix for your reference.

"No host data available" Reported in Hardware Status Tab

Just noticed a issue that nothing reported in ' Hardware Status ' tab of ESXi hosts in vSphere Web Client. KB 2112847 gives a solution but not works for me. The feature can be used to monitor hardware failures. I figured out a way to workaround it. You just need to login by Administrator account and click ' Update ' button under ' Monitor ' - ' Hardware Status ' for each ESXi host. You will get the status after few minutes.


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