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Cisco UCS blade B200 M4 discovery pending on 58%

New B200 M4 blades can running on Intel v4 processors. You may see discovery issue if your UCSM firmware version lower than 2.2.7c. I hit that problem few days ago when I install a new M4 blade. The FSM hung on 58% a real long time and failed eventually.

Virtual Machine Console in vCenter is Opened by VMware Workstation

If you have VMware Workstation and VMware Remote Console both installed on Windows 10 you may see vCenter virtual machine console in vSphere Web Client is opened by VMware Workstation instead of VMware Remote  Console . If you see same case your VMware Remote Console may be hijacked. I call it  "hijack" since there is no easy way to revert it back.

VMware Workstation自动打开vCenter虚拟机的控制台

如果你的Windows 10电脑上装了VMware Workstation和VMware Remote Console,当你在vSphere Web Client里打开运行在vCenter上的虚拟机控制台时,VMware Workstation可能会代替VMware Remote Console自动连接到控制台。恭喜!你的VMware Remote Console被劫持了。这个问题解决起来比较复杂所以我叫它“劫持”。

LRDIMM or RDIMM on ESXi hosts?

Today my co-worker asked me a question about memory spec on ESXi hosts. There are two types of memory, LRDIMM and RDIMM available on hardware vendor's list. Which one is best choice?



Formatting Output of PowerCLI

Size value is too long when I grab snapshot size of a VM. It's something like the screenshots below.