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早先我有写一篇文章关于 如何手工整合PowerCLI和PowerShell 。最近重装了系统,不得不再做一次。以前我习惯用 PowerGUI 写脚本,但不知道怎么搞的PowerGUI总是丢失菜单界面,这困扰了我很久一直没办法完全解决,所以这次我在想能不能把PowerCLI和PowerShell整合了一劳永逸,毕竟内置的好用一些啊。

Add Language Switcher in Posts Page Automatically by WordPress plugin Polylang

If you are multi-language IT Pro you may want to show articles in multiple languages just like me. I use Polylang in my blog to switch English and Chinese version. I used to add "Language Switcher" tag in my articles. It's manual process that I had to remember the tag in somewhere, copy and past it to articles when I was writing. It's frustration to repeat it in every article. Another problem was I have to add "Read More" tag in each article before I add "Language Switcher" tag. That's because each post shows a switcher in home page if I don't do that. It confuses Polylang which URL each article should goes. I want to find a perfect way to fix this problem! Here we go...


也许你和我这种挨踢砖家一样奇葩,用多种语言写博客。我的WordPress使用 Polylang 显示文章的中英文版本。一般我需要在文章里加一个"Language Switcher"标签来显示语言切换。添加这个标签不是那么容易,我得把它记在某个地方,需要的时候复制、粘贴到文章里。在每篇文章里添加这个标记有点儿麻烦。另外,这个标记必须配合"Read More"标记之后使用,如果语言切换标记出现在"Read More"之前会导致首页上出现多个语言切换标记,每个语言切换标记无法知道每篇文章对应的URL是多少。看看我是如何完美解决这个问题的吧...

A customized snapshot report in vROps

I just wrote a new post to show you how to create customized report of snapshot older than X days .


有很多种方法可以用来做虚拟机快照报表。比如PowerCLI、VRTools、甚至vSphere Client本身也可以。今天我会分享如何使用vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) 6.x做自定义天数以前创建的虚拟机快照的报表。用vROps做表表的好处是可以通过计划任务自动以邮件形式发送报表,并提供PDF和CSV两种格式的表。 我在网上找到了一篇 文章 谈到如何用vROps实现类似报表。但要求修改vROps的规则,这可能会影响到vROps的全局计算模型。如果你的团队们需要为各自的报表设置不同的条件怎么办?

Report snapshots older than X days in vROps

There are several ways to reporting snapshots. You can use PowerCLI, VRTools, or even vSphere Client itself. Today I will show you how to reporting by vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) 6.x. The benefit of  vROps reports is you can schedule it by sending email with PDF & CSV reports. I found a post discuss how to reports by vROps. But it requests modify policy, it may impacts global calculation. What if your teams request different criteria for reports?