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Host Cannot Download Files From VMware vSphere Update Manager Patch Store

You may see following error when you scanning ESXi hosts by vCenter Update Manager. Host cannot download files from VMware vSphere Update Manager patch store. Check the network connectivity and firewall setup, and check esxupdate logs for details. You also see similar logs in /var/log/esxupdate.log. [Errno -2] Name or service not known The root cause could be following: ESXi host cannot resolve DNS name of vCenter Update Manager Server. One of the DNS servers incorrect if you set multiple DNS servers on ESXi host.

Migrate vCenter Server 5.5 Windows to 6.0 Virtual Appliance

Virtual appliance is future of how VMware delivery their product to customers. It's pain to migrate from vCenter Server Windows version to virtual appliance. The only way was build up new virtual appliance and move everything out of Windows vCenter Server. The challenge is you lost data if you have integrated vCenter Server with other VMware products, or using DVS. VMware released vCenter Server Migration Tool after VMworld 2016. It gave me confidence to give it a try. I assume vCenter Server is embedded SSO. I did the migration 2 or 3 times, following is summary of my experience. The migration tool only support migrate vCenter Server 5.5 windows edition to vCenter Server 6.0 U2. Prerequisites vCenter Server is more like core services today since lot of 3rd party software call vCenter API to interactive with VMs. You may have some products integrated with vCenter Server already. Please upgrade to vCenter 6 compatible version before migration. I suggest create a local account

How to Integrate PowerCLI 6.5 with PowerShell and PowerShell ISE

I wrote an article to introducing how to integrate PowerCLI with PowerShell and PowerShell ISE . VMware just released PowerCLI 6.5 R1, it includes lot  of new features and modules. And somehow my way doesn't work. Following is new way to integrate PowerCLI 6.5 with PowerShell and PowerShell ISE in Windows 10. PowerShell and PowerShell ISE both have it own $profile. So we need to do two times. Before we start Please make sure your PowerShell execution policy is not  restricted . You can get the setting by run  following command: Get-ExecutionPolicy PowerShell Integration Open PowerShell window. Run following command to confirm profile file is not existing. Test-Path $profile If return is 'False', go to step 2. If return is 'True', Backup the file and go to step 3. Run following command if the  profile file  doesn't existing. New-Item -Path $profile -type file -force | Out-Null Test-Path $profile The return above should be 'True'. Profile file is crea

VMworld 2016

本年度VMworld重回拉斯维加斯,相比旧金山各方面都要好很多,参会这几天有不少乐趣。技术层面,本年度vmworld主要聚焦于用户端统一管理、公有云、以及vmware自家的“超融合软件”。 第一天的主题演讲回顾了近十几年来传统IT、私有云、公有云的增长趋势,这里有个很有意思的地方。我一直以为IT的转变方式应该是从传统到私有,最终到公有的。但是从演讲看,私有云和公有云占有率同时保持增长,公有云甚至一直比私有云要高一些。但直到今年云的占有率依旧不敌传统IT架构,这还是在国际大公司接近80%虚拟化的现状下。演讲中还提出了一个观点——数字化商业。今天,企业都在追求创新、高效的商业,IT已经不像过去仅仅支持企业内部的信息系统,而是引导企业走向何方,IT更加紧密的和商业结合在一起,很难想象一家没有技术驱动的企业可以高效的与客户沟通和分析数据、快速的对市场做出反应、自动化的生产经营。第二天的主题演讲介绍了一些用户层面的新解决方案,由于本人不关注该层面,没有太多了解。

Cisco UCS blade B200 M4 discovery pending on 58%

New B200 M4 blades can running on Intel v4 processors. You may see discovery issue if your UCSM firmware version lower than 2.2.7c. I hit that problem few days ago when I install a new M4 blade. The FSM hung on 58% a real long time and failed eventually.

Virtual Machine Console in vCenter is Opened by VMware Workstation

If you have VMware Workstation and VMware Remote Console both installed on Windows 10 you may see vCenter virtual machine console in vSphere Web Client is opened by VMware Workstation instead of VMware Remote  Console . If you see same case your VMware Remote Console may be hijacked. I call it  "hijack" since there is no easy way to revert it back.

VMware Workstation自动打开vCenter虚拟机的控制台

如果你的Windows 10电脑上装了VMware Workstation和VMware Remote Console,当你在vSphere Web Client里打开运行在vCenter上的虚拟机控制台时,VMware Workstation可能会代替VMware Remote Console自动连接到控制台。恭喜!你的VMware Remote Console被劫持了。这个问题解决起来比较复杂所以我叫它“劫持”。

LRDIMM or RDIMM on ESXi hosts?

Today my co-worker asked me a question about memory spec on ESXi hosts. There are two types of memory, LRDIMM and RDIMM available on hardware vendor's list. Which one is best choice?



Formatting Output of PowerCLI

Size value is too long when I grab snapshot size of a VM. It's something like the screenshots below.




早先我有写一篇文章关于 如何手工整合PowerCLI和PowerShell 。最近重装了系统,不得不再做一次。以前我习惯用 PowerGUI 写脚本,但不知道怎么搞的PowerGUI总是丢失菜单界面,这困扰了我很久一直没办法完全解决,所以这次我在想能不能把PowerCLI和PowerShell整合了一劳永逸,毕竟内置的好用一些啊。

Add Language Switcher in Posts Page Automatically by WordPress plugin Polylang

If you are multi-language IT Pro you may want to show articles in multiple languages just like me. I use Polylang in my blog to switch English and Chinese version. I used to add "Language Switcher" tag in my articles. It's manual process that I had to remember the tag in somewhere, copy and past it to articles when I was writing. It's frustration to repeat it in every article. Another problem was I have to add "Read More" tag in each article before I add "Language Switcher" tag. That's because each post shows a switcher in home page if I don't do that. It confuses Polylang which URL each article should goes. I want to find a perfect way to fix this problem! Here we go...


也许你和我这种挨踢砖家一样奇葩,用多种语言写博客。我的WordPress使用 Polylang 显示文章的中英文版本。一般我需要在文章里加一个"Language Switcher"标签来显示语言切换。添加这个标签不是那么容易,我得把它记在某个地方,需要的时候复制、粘贴到文章里。在每篇文章里添加这个标记有点儿麻烦。另外,这个标记必须配合"Read More"标记之后使用,如果语言切换标记出现在"Read More"之前会导致首页上出现多个语言切换标记,每个语言切换标记无法知道每篇文章对应的URL是多少。看看我是如何完美解决这个问题的吧...


有很多种方法可以用来做虚拟机快照报表。比如PowerCLI、VRTools、甚至vSphere Client本身也可以。今天我会分享如何使用vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) 6.x做自定义天数以前创建的虚拟机快照的报表。用vROps做表表的好处是可以通过计划任务自动以邮件形式发送报表,并提供PDF和CSV两种格式的表。 我在网上找到了一篇 文章 谈到如何用vROps实现类似报表。但要求修改vROps的规则,这可能会影响到vROps的全局计算模型。如果你的团队们需要为各自的报表设置不同的条件怎么办?

Report snapshots older than X days in vROps

There are several ways to reporting snapshots. You can use PowerCLI, VRTools, or even vSphere Client itself. Today I will show you how to reporting by vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) 6.x. The benefit of  vROps reports is you can schedule it by sending email with PDF & CSV reports. I found a post discuss how to reports by vROps. But it requests modify policy, it may impacts global calculation. What if your teams request different criteria for reports?

Power Raspberry Pi by Portable Chargers

I want to try make a remote control car by Raspberry Pi. The first question is how to power a portable Raspberry Pi? There are lot of solutions in internet. I want to find a simple, cheap and long battery life solution. Some articles introduced power bank but it overs $100 and only provides 5v output. I need some thing can provide not only 5v power for Raspberry Pi, but also more than 7v for L298N.



vRealize Operations Management Pack for Cisco UCS Review

Cisco UCS blade system is the best blade system I used so far. Whatever the hardware, software or support is perfect. I recommend leverage the system for primary system of virtualization. UCS blade system architecture is different with HP. I feel it more likes a network system. Fabric Interconnect (FI) modules exchange data between uplinks and internal components. IOMs on each chassis controls data routing. Architecture is complicate, but it’s powerful to manage large datacenter. Talking about large datacenter, you may have hundred chassis or blades. Data goes through FIs, IOMs and blades, you could see issues on any layer. It’s hard to find out where exactly the problem is. UCS Manager provides statistics for ports just like how Cisco does on network switches. You can show statistics of a particular port. But it doesn’t tell you when and which layer it happened. I tested Cisco UCS adapter for vRealize Operation Manager before I reviewed NetApp adapter for vRealize Operation Manager .

vRealize Operations Manager 6之Cisco UCS性能监控组件介绍

思科UCS刀片系列是我至今用过最好的刀片系统。无论是硬件、软件还是技术支持都堪称完美。个人推荐在大型虚拟化机房里把思科UCS作为主要设备。思科UCS刀片系统的架构和惠普的完全不同,感觉更像是个网络设备。Fabric Interconnect (FI)模块负责上联口和内部各组件之间的数据交换、IOM负责各刀箱数据路由。架构看起来很复杂,但是在管理大型数据中心时非常强大。说到大型数据中心,比如有 上百个刀箱和刀片服务器,数据要经过FI、IOM、刀片等,问题可能发生在任何层面,大型虚拟化数据中心很难找到问题的根源。UCS Manager有提供类似思科网络交换机一样的计数器功能,可以显示每一个端口的计数情况,但是这个监控工具不会告诉你什么时间、在哪个层面发生了问题 。在测试 NetApp存储性能监控组件 之前我有幸测试了vRealize Operations Manager 6的Cisco UCS性能监控组件。该组建同样由 Blue Medora 开发。以下简单介绍一下,只是我的个人观点 。

Error Code 0x80004005 and 0x80070035 on Virtual Machine

Today I got a strange problem about share folder. Some virtual machines cannot access network share path. It gave me Unspecified Error 0x80004005 when I opened a share folder on explorer. It gave me The network path was not found 0x80070035 when I opened same share folder by clicking Start – Run .


今天遇到了一个很奇怪的问题。有些虚拟机无法访问网络共享文件夹。当用文件浏览器打开共享文件夹时会弹出 Unspecified Error 0x80004005 错误。如果在 开始 – 运行 里打开相同的文件夹又会提示 The network path was not found 0x80070035 。