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vRealize Opertion Manager 6之NetApp存储性能监控组件介绍

vRealize Operation Manager 6 (又叫vROps)是vCenter Operation Manager的全新版本,我从vCenter Operation Manager还是1.0时就开始使用了,很喜欢自我学习和动态阀值这两个功能。但是这款产品只能监控虚拟层面,如果可以监控存储层面就完美了。在比较大的vSphere环境中虚拟机是共享ESXi数据存储(datastore)的,如果少数虚拟机产生很高的IO,可能会影响到其他处于同一个存储上的虚拟机。想象一下,如果你有100个LUN跑在一个NetApp存储上,300个虚拟机在使用这100个LUN,某日用户说他们的虚拟机很慢,但是他们并没有跑什么应用,这时候就会比较难判断到底是哪儿出了问题,因为虚拟机可能共享同一个数据存储(datastore),数据存储存建于LUN上,LUN 可能来自某个聚合(Aggregate),并且多个LUN可能来自同一个物理磁盘。vCenter Operation Manager 在5.x时代有提供一款NetApp存储监控组件,但问题是很难把vSphere的数据存储(Datastore)和NetApp存储的设备关联起来。

NetApp Management Package for vRealize Operation Manager 6

vRealize Operation Manager 6 (aka vROps) is new generation of vCenter Operation Manager. I started to use vCenter Operation Manager since version 1.0. I like the idea of self-learning and dynamic threshold. But the product only monitors virtualization layer. It would be perfect if it's able to monitor under layer storage. In large vSphere environment, virtual machines share IO capacity of datastores. If few virtual machines running high disk IO it may lead to other virtual machines get performance degrading in same storage. Think about you have 100 datastores come from a NetApp filer, and 300 virtual machines running on its. One user says their virtual machine is slow but no workload from applications end. It hard to say where the latency comes from because multiple virtual machines may share same datastore, multiple LUNs share same aggregate, and maybe same physical disks. vCenter Operation Manager provided NetApp Adapter for 5.x few years ago. But the problem was it's too har

vRealize Automation 7 初始设置

vRealize Automation 7 (vRA 7)和vRA6比起来有很多增强和改进。网上有大量的文章介绍这方面以及安装方法。vRA7的初始设置和vRA6有很大不同。以下是我的一些经验,可以帮你快速搭建实验环境。

Initial Configuration of vRealize Automation 7

vRealize Automation 7 (vRA 7) has lot of enhancements and changes compare with vRA 6. There are plenty of introductions available in internet. The initial configuration is different with vRA 6. I'm going to share my experience. You can easily build up LAB or POC by following this post.