How to Remove Default Dashboards in vRealize Operation Manager

I don't know why VMware doesn't allow hidden default dashboards in VMware design vRealize Operation Manager (vROps). They also states no solution in current version. I searched internet, only thing I found was a community post that someone wants to delete the dashboards, but no proper answer.

I reviewed vROps documents and figured out an imperfect workaround. Basically you need to hide "Content" node on left panel and the default dashboards. You need to leverage OPS-CLI Command-Line tool to hide dashboards for group, user or global. I was confused when I read the command reference in vROps documents, I spent some times to figure out how to make it works. Following is the useful command line.

# cd $ALIVE_BASE/tools/vcopscli/
# ./ dashboard hide test "Recommendations"

The commands above hides "Recommendation" dashboard for user "test".

You could also replace user "test" by "group:Users" or "all" to hide dashboard for group "Users" or global. Here is the commands:

# ./ dashboard hide group:Users "Recommendations"
# ./ dashboard hide all "Recommendations"


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