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A very interesting Microsoft cluster failure

It's been a long time sine last post. I was out of internet due to health issue. Just got recovered and backed to normal work. I have to publish my article by English then translate it to Chinese later since I lost lot of me time after my baby born, but more fun. hopefully it not impact to Google search. :-) There was a interesting problem happend on Microsoft cluster when I came back from hospital. Our DBA team complaint Microsoft Cluster Service failed intermittently on virtual machine. This situation constantly happend for a week. At the beginning of the whole troubleshooting, team noticed quorum disks failed with following Windows event: Cluster service failed to update the cluster configuration data on the witness resource. Please ensure that the witness resource is online and accessible. So we focused on disk performance. vbod.log also show some performance degrading but the time was not match. Microsoft was involved after that, they said the cluster failure actually caused b