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Run multiple WordPress website by different user on Nginx

There are lot of articles tell how to install and setup Nginx + PHP-FPM + MYSQL. But few talk about how to secure WordPress website on the infrastructure. If you are a Windows guy, you perhaps familiar with ACL, it's similar in Linux world. A user or group has 3 essential permission: read, write or execute. Read this article to understanding how permission works on Linux.

Slow network performance on a virtual machine

It's been a while since last technical post. I was pretty busy on preparation of holiday maintenance plan as well as few problems in virtual environment. There was one I'd like to share as it's a sample to show how to 'touch' hardware layer from virtual layer. :-)

Public cloud and web hosting provider Krypt reviews

My blog finally backed online!! Due to a updating issue on PhotoVPS infrastructure, my virtual machine ran into unstable since Monday. I didn't notice it till Wednesday. The virtual  machine got intermittently network connectivity issue, PhotoVPS engineers can only temporarily fix it.  I was struggled by the situation, finally I decided order a new virtual machine on Krypt . Krypt  is ideally place for me since they are VMware certified partner, they helps VMware improves  vCloud products and develops in public cloud market. The network performance is also the greatest from North American to China in US service providers, they have dedicate bandwidth to China Telecom.