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How to Delete a Pending Host from SCVMM 2012 R2

A Hyper-V host shows Pending status under VMs and Services section, the host invisible under Fabric section. You may experience following symptoms when you re-add the Hyper-V host to SCVMM 2012 R2. There were no computers discovered based on your inputs. Please verify the following: Your Virtual Machine Manager Server service account has at least read access to the Active Directory domain you requested to discover. Your Virtual Machine Manager Server has access to the computer in the discovery scope. The servers you specified are powered on and running. You specified valid credentials to access the servers. The user account that you specified has Administrator privileges on the Windows servers to be discovered. The servers you specified are already managed by Virtual Machine Manager. You may see following error when you try to delete the Hyper-V host from SCVMM 2012 R2. Error (2606) Unable to perform the job because one or more of the selected objects are locked by anoth

PortChannel does not work on Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect

Whatever  you configure on MDS, whatever you configure on Cisco UCS FIs, whatever you do for port channel on both side, the Cisco UCS uplink ports always down with error message Initilize failed , or  Error disabled . Congratulation! your device hit MDS firmware bug...  

Domain account locked out on vCenter Server

That's a very small problem but it struggles you if you are enterprise datacenter administrator. As you may know the best practices to run application is by service account . But sometimes  you may testing applications by your own domain account and forget remove it. Few days ago, my domain account locked out on domain controller. The audit report indicated it locked out by vCenter Server every 5 seconds. Then I logged in the vCenter Server, checked out  Task Scheduler ,  Services ,  Task Manager ...etc. Nothing was running under my domain account. I stopped applications one by one on the vCenter Server and related plugin services. No help, I felt so frustrated!!! Here is how I figured it out eventually. Download TCPView from Microsoft website. Run it on the vCenter Server. Sort by  Local  Address . See which foreign address is connecting the vCenter Server. After the steps above I finally figured out that root cause was my VMware View LAB VM tried to authenticate on vCente