Travel to Chengdu again

It’s about 5 years since last time I visited Chengdu. A beautiful city, people say “you gonna love it, and wanna live there if you come to Chengdu”. People looks like live very relax in Chengdu, they drink tea in park, play Mahjong and enjoy professional people scrape their ears (most like ears massage). I was being Chengdu for 3 month, so I’m kind familiar with this city. All memory is 5 years ago.

I was excited to get my Raspberry Pi on morning, I plan to play on it all the day. But my wife wants to discuss travel plan when we had lunch. She told me she visited Chengdu several times before, but no one is real travel, they just went to the city, got goods, then went back, she only know one place “He Hua Chi” – a clothes market. They bought clothes there and sales in their city.

Finally, we had a 3 days trip in Chengdu! That’s a crazy plan for me since I never tried planning and going in same day! We flight to Chengdu on night, and checked in a great hotel. Since it’s close to Chinese New Year, so no much people and traffic, I felt it’s like an empty city. 5 years, a lot of change, I can felt my heart beat rock when I saw some building I was familiar with. I didn’t go back to the city after I got new job in Xi’an, a lot of things I was missing every day…He’s, Minto, Chunxi road, JinLi…etc.


成都,希望有机会再来。 Smile

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