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Bought a Cisco Linksys WRT54G2 v1 Router

My wifi router was purchased one years ago, for some reason it’s not stable now, sometimes lost package when I ping it. After chat with my friends Steven, he recommended Cisco Linksys WRT54G2 which he is using, a very stable router. You can install DD-WRT firmware and leverage more new free feature, such as NFS, firewall, VPN…etc. I’m newbie, I’ll try explore more on my spare time. That’s a used router on120RMB (around $20). I successfully installed it and turned on internet after 30 minutes, but I cannot log in my VPS by SSH on port 21, then I asked Steven’s VPS SSH to give a try, his port is 443, I cannot connect his also!! I suspected firewall on WRT54G2 maybe blocked the two ports since the router much like a Linux system, you can even run iptables command. Finally I figured out my network provider blocked port 21 and 443, how funny it is that I spend 3 hours to investigated firewall, routing table, wifi setting, NAT…etc. But forgot my sweet network provider!! 大意了,大意了!没想到21和443

Error: No NIC found with MAC address…

Your HP server may runs fine on ESXi 4.x or 5.0, but you may get error message No NIC found with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx after upgrade to ESXi 5.1 or later. That’s caused by network adapter firmware, you have to upgrade server network adapter firmware by HP SPP 2013.02 or later. I would recommend you upgrade firmware of each component to this version, it’s pretty stable to run ESXi 5.1.

IPv6 link in NetApp SMVI backup log

NetApp Virtual Storage Console is my favorite to manage and backup data on NetApp attached ESXi host, there is lot of benefits to secure VM data more efficient. The installation is pretty simple, and very less resource it requires, you can even install it on a multi-role virtual machine. But the first headache maybe the backup log.… The default report URL is IPv6 in NetApp Virtual Storage Console. You have to add parameter in wrapper.conf file manually. Here is detail steps: This procedure has to be repeated after NetApp Virtual Storage Console is upgraded. 1) Shut down SMVI server (via Windows service). 2) Open the wrapper.conf in C:Program FilesNetAppVirtual Storage Consolesmviserveretc 3) Locate section   Java Additional Parameters 4) Add following

I need some change in my life

大约在10年前,我参加过一个CCNA的培训,认识了当时给我们上课的老师——杨佳,那时候他已经是CCIE了。说到CCIE、CCNA,就要先说说Cisco(思科)了。网络是通过路由器、交换机连接在一起的,这个地球上60%以上路由器、交换机是思科制造,可以这么说,思科创造并提供着网络世界。CCIE是思科公司产品专家的最高级别认证,每年只有很少的人可以通过这个考试,因为考试内容几乎全部是上机实战,很少一选择填空,而且是全英文的,一旦拿到CCIE意味着你掌握了非常丰富的网络知识,可以真的称得上网络专家了。我的老师杨佳就是其中一名。 Today, I’m in company shutdown, have few spare time. I read his blog , pretty interesting, look at his colorful life, come back to my life. That’s too much different! I admit single life is different with marriaged life, but that’s the life, the freedom I wanna to be! At least, I need some change in my life…

Hello world Can I start?!

It’s be a while. Provisioning, formatting, and re-provisioning. Compare each Linux distribution, finally I decide to use Debian, since my Raspberry Pi official image also base upon Debian. I also registered this brand new domain to re-start my blog life. 都不知道是第几次Hello world了,这次一定要开始了,先把之前在Wordpres的文章搬过来再说!