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How to export diagnostic log from SmartStart CD

Did you face similar problem? HP ask you provide hardware diagnostic log of SmartStart CD, you maintain the server remotely, and nobody available locally? How can you export the log from SmartStart? Previously I used to map a local USB device in iLO and then export, but how about if the network performance is low between you and server locations? Most people may access iLO in a local server, so how can you map your local USB device into a iLO of remote server? You can use UltraISO make a floppy image file and mount it in iLO as virtual floppy. Sorry, I don't have a English version. File -> New -> Floppy Image Click OK by default setting. File -> Save As Enter file name, a ima file will be generated. You can also rename it to .img file directly. After export logs to the virtual floppy, just open the file again in UltraISO , and Extract logs.

vCenter Server Heartbeat 5.6 - Installation

I have to say you'll not able to get what you anticipating if you follow VMware document. After referred few blogs and videos, I finally deployed the production in HA and DR mode both, it consumed a lot of time since I had to clone the VM from US to India over WAN. It's pain, I'd like the share it to make sure you never fall in same situation. If you don't familiar with vCHB, please read vCenter Server Heartbeat 5.6 – Architecture . Before install vCHB, you should know that: Install vCenter Server and components on Primary Server , Secondary Server will be cloned. vCenter Update Manager, vCenter Converter, ESXi Dump Collector, Syslog Collector are configured using Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) rather than IP addresses. Time Zone and time setting is correct. Port 52267 and 57348 is enabled in firewall on both servers. 2GB free memory available for vCenter Server Heartbeat. Administrator right is required to install vCenter Server Heartbeat. All vCent