HP patching error after upgrade to Update Manager 5.1

If you installed "HP ESXi 5.0 Complete Bundle Update 1.6" via Update Manager 5.0, you would be able to see storage and power sub-system shows warning on HP server, that's because some parameters show NULL in updated HP SIM provider.

CreationClassName = HPVC_SAController
Name = vmwControllerHPSA1
PowerManagementCapabilities = (NULL)
ResetCapability = (NULL)
OtherDedicatedDescriptions = (NULL)
Dedicated = (NULL)
NameFormat = (NULL)
TransitioningToState = 12
AvailableRequestedStates = (NULL)
TimeOfLastStateChange = (NULL)
EnabledDefault = 2
RequestedState = 12

I think HP has called back the bundle, you may see similar error message below if you already download the patch and upgrade to Update Manager 5.1 then.

VMware vSphere Update Manager had an unknown error. Check the events and log files for details.
After upgrade to Update Manager 5.1
Cannot download software packages from patch source. Check the events and the Update Manager log for download details.

After remove "data" folder in Update Manager 5.1
No way to avoid the error message except filter your baseline to exclude HP patches.

Another blogger also described same situation here.

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