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HP patching error after upgrade to Update Manager 5.1

If you installed "HP ESXi 5.0 Complete Bundle Update 1.6" via Update Manager 5.0, you would be able to see storage and power sub-system shows warning on HP server, that's because some parameters show NULL in updated HP SIM provider. Example: HPVC_SAController.Name="vmwControllerHPSA1",CreationClassName="HPVC_SAController" CreationClassName = HPVC_SAController Name = vmwControllerHPSA1 PowerManagementCapabilities = (NULL) ResetCapability = (NULL) OtherDedicatedDescriptions = (NULL) Dedicated = (NULL) NameFormat = (NULL) TransitioningToState = 12 AvailableRequestedStates = (NULL) TimeOfLastStateChange = (NULL) EnabledDefault = 2 RequestedState = 12 I think HP has called back the bundle, you may see similar error message below if you already download the patch and upgrade to Update Manager 5.1 then. VMware vSphere Update Manager had an unknown error. Check the events and log files for details. After upgrade to Update Manager 5.1 Cannot downloa

Unknown status of Hardware Acceleration

When I read VMware documents, there is a cool feature Hardware Acceleration I found in storage book. That recall me an outage about one year ago, our NetApp filer was crashed due to motherboard problem, part of datastores was failed, we have to move virtual machine from the filer to other. We noticed the storage vMotion performance was pretty high, the data moving speed was 2 times less than regular storage vMotion. That’s the advantage of Hardware Acceleration. The first thing of this year is standardize the virtualization environment. I found an interesting problem when I checked the Hardware Acceleration part, same luns show different status on different ESXi 5 host of a cluster, some of the hosts show Hardware Acceleration enabled, and some show Unknown. The storage is EMC Clarion CX series with ALUA enabled, I found working hosts attached VAAI filter, non-working hosts had nothing. Figure 1   Working Host Figure 2   Non-working Host ESXi 5 automatic attach different filter accordi