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When I Meet You

I never imagined that you would be in my life. It is just like what you say, we are angles who owe only one wing, and we are looking for the other side of ourselves. I am sure that you are another side of mine. When I meet you, the whole world becomes harmony, peace and nice. Because of you, flowers in my soul blossom and birds of my heart fly; because of you, brooks of my mind flow and dirts in my eyes dissolve. That is only because of you. You are a miracle in my life. I meet you, I get to know you, then I love you. You are destined to be my Mr.Right. I will cherish you, respect you and comfort you. That is only because I meet you.....That is only because I love you...


在网站上看到这篇文章 在我们的世界上总是会有这样那样的事情发生,却很遗憾在我们的国家还是有人会因为这样的事情而去世,也很遗憾我们的慈善家如此的无情和虚伪。一家人在铁路边的地上露宿,在这寒冷的北方,是多么可怕的一件事情呢?一家的家当就是一辆施舍的自行车,在这个充满铜臭的社会,是多么不可思议的事情呢?突然发现自己是这么的幸运,有一个不错的家庭,一位不错的伴侣,有收入来生活。我们是否应该感谢上帝给了我们平凡而不平凡的生活?